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Ain't no Fun if the Homeys Can't Have None
1 for the Money, 2 for the Bitches, 3 to get Ready and 4 to Hit the Switches

That's right. Comment to be added.

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I listened to about a minute of it before my brain went OMG STOP!

Takuro. Just cos you're getting pussy now doesn't mean you can like, do half ass music now. IT'S YOUR JOB. ROCK. JUST FUCKING ROCK. No more of these sissy ballads.


Oh yeah. I went there.

Next he'll fire Jiro or Hisashi and get someone else, change all the older songs and write nothing but sap and angst before Teru joins like a cult Weight Watchers and HATES YOU FOREVER. Then Masahide or Nagai will die and he'll angst for two years and get all fat and whiny and NEVER GIVE UP ON THE OLD MUSIC as he produces someone new and makes them cover like, However or RAIN.

Please Takuro. Stop while you're ahead.

he could always fire Jiro and hire Taiji... >> *cough*

I had a very disturbing dream last night. It involved a certain crispy haired idiotic drummer/pianist KNOCKING ME UP. *kills herself* Now I feel the urge to run a bath with boiling water so I can get this disgusting feeling off of me. ;_;

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Talked to Mum today, and she told me that Aru's stepmother emailed her. (for those less educated, for the time being I live with her family. v.v) She said that I have no motivation cos I'm not in school. I'M WORKING MY ASS OFF. IF I DIDN'T HAVE MOTIVATION, I WOULDN'T HAVE A FUCKING RAISE SOONER THAN EVERYONE ELSE, NOR WOULD I EVEN BOTHER WITH GOING TO WORK.
But the kicker was when Mum called me back with more shit from the email. Aru's stepmother said that I am a sweet girl and what I really need is to move back home, in with my family again and GO TO THERAPY. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?
Oh it's not going to be pretty in the next couple weeks. Not pretty at all.
Mum said that she's going to be on my side with all this. Thank Toshi.
She said her and Dad are sending me money for Xmas. That means furniture. <3
I'm like, so hurt right now, it's not funny. They act like they like me and say shit about me behind my back. I thought that only happened in high school. Why is it so hard to SAY IT TO MY FACE rather than make Aru be the messenger? I don't get it. It's not earth logic. And then her dad expects me to talk to them like nothing ever happened. Yeah. Whatever.
I'm going to write a long ass email to my mother later. Once I've had sleep.
TODAY WAS THE MOST BORING FUCKING SHIFT EVER. I only did like, $200. It was so dead. ;_; I blasted X the whole time though. That was nice.
I think I'm gonna curl up in my bed (read: FLOOR) and watch DS9 till I pass out. Toshi's voice isn't soothing me like it usually does.

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One of Rose's nicknames is PRINCESS.


OK I go nap. Or at least try to.

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My last word with all this political shit:

If you want someone to blame, BLAME THE SOUTH.

Thank you.

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He was arrested?
God I can't even see straight.
I hope he'll be alright and find some way out of this mess.
I hope Masaya burns in hell for everything he's done. I'd kill him myself if I had the means.
it can't be true...i don't want to believe it.

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[capitao malinhas] hey
[(bitchy whore) Yoshiki] hi
[capitao malinhas] tell me something
[capitao malinhas] why bitchy whore?
[(bitchy whore) Yoshiki] cos I'm a bitch and a bit of a whore. :D
[capitao malinhas] what makes you a bitch and a whore?
[(bitchy whore) Yoshiki] um, I'm angry all the time...
[capitao malinhas] why is that?
[(bitchy whore) Yoshiki] part of my nature.
[capitao malinhas] do you embrace it?
[capitao malinhas] or does it make you uncomfortable?
[(bitchy whore) Yoshiki] it keeps people away from me. cos I hate people. :D
[capitao malinhas] oh
[capitao malinhas] have i found a soulmate?
[capitao malinhas] tell me more...
[(bitchy whore) Yoshiki] more?
[capitao malinhas] why do you hate people?
[(bitchy whore) Yoshiki] I just do. I hate lower intelligence.
[capitao malinhas] what do you mean by lower intelligence?
[(bitchy whore) Yoshiki] people not who act like idiots.
[capitao malinhas] and i guess you are a supreme being....right?
[(bitchy whore) Yoshiki] yes I am.
[capitao malinhas] : )
[capitao malinhas] i' m in love
[(bitchy whore) Yoshiki] ._. huh?
[capitao malinhas] just kidding...hashahahaha
[(bitchy whore) Yoshiki] ok good.

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Now I will try to sleep.
One week till Ota. *SQUEEOMG*

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OMG!!!!!!!!!!111Collapse )

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EDIT: Stupid thing clicked the no comments thing. It hates me. ;_;

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