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Ain't no Fun if the Homeys Can't Have None
1 for the Money, 2 for the Bitches, 3 to get Ready and 4 to Hit the Switches
Dear Rose's fangirl army:

SHUT UP. He's TEMPORARILY leaving the band. This is not a permanent thing. Or is "temporary" too big of a word for you to handle? Let's look at this logically:
1. He's been in the hospital cos he doesn't eat.
2. He's exhausted.
He doesn't need to be there 24/7 for you to fap over. He's suffering. Think about that instead of your fucking libidos for once. Half of you only like him for his looks rather than his talent anyway.

No love,


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Dear Yoshiki:

I'm sorry your fans are batshit insane. I pity you. I wish I could be your decoy, and like, smite them for you. Smiting is fun.
I don't know what it is about you (probably your money and your fame cos your dick is so tiny lolz) that makes them nuts, but...fucking hell. The majority of them are just...way out there.
But, rest assured, you have a few fans out there that aren't after your money or your tiny pathetic cock. 
Go do something to make you feel better, like get naked and bend over for TK. Or molest your supple young Koreans. Or fap and angst on your piano.

Love, kisses, roses and fluffy bunnies,

Yosh, your bustier, bitchier twin.
As an added bonus, another open letter!Collapse )

Rabid fans should be like, boiled alive in a vat of grease or something. Or tied to a stake and forced to watch and listen to Marc Panther have sex. :D

EDIT: For the record you fucking morons, Yoshiki does not have a daughter. Daughter is the name of the VOCALIST FOR VIOLET UK.
[napoleon dynamite] IDIOTS. [/napoleon dynamite]

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Dear Rednecks Pigfuckers Denizens of the South:

When in public, LEARN TO WEAR SHOES. NO ONE WANTS YOUR NASTY BARE FEET ALL OVER FURNITURE AND THE DIRTY FLOOR. Did you know you could catch diseases that way and infections?

Get a clue.

And please stop breeding. Jesus says one's plenty. D: HE TOLD ME CUZ I'M A PROPHET FOR CHRIST LOLZ.

No love,


P.S. MinWoo... WTF. Noshiki? Agh. x_x

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Hee. I did the lineart. I rock.
omgz Rose in pantiesCollapse )
In other news, my birthday sucked, I'm broke and ajnfdsjknfkjdsnfjkds I want MinWoo to be my girlfriend. We'd be the hottest lesbians EVAR. *commits seppuku*

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If I started a Rose community, who would join? *lame*

In other news, birthdays suck. -.-

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So. My birthday is Tuesday. And the question in my mind is...


That is all.

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Now hear this:

I hate everything.

That is all.


Yosh, the bitter old woman.

Notice how much more bitter I get as Tuesday approaches?

*shuffles off to work*

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If I was Jesus, I'd smite fangirls. And loud toddlers.

Humanity is a lost cause.


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Well, this hasn't happened before. Someone stole my default icon. NOT HAPPY D: I will refrain from my anger as much as possible, don't want no wank here.

Now this is a public post. *shockgasp* But, like, unless I specifically make an icon for you, YOU CAN'T HAVE MINE. I don't mind making some, but please, if I don't put it up for grabs, you can't have it. I spend a lot of time making my icons cos I'm so damned nitpicky, I took the screencaps they're made from, it's a lot of fucking work.

But, please. Don't take without asking. I may not give you what you want, but I may be able to make you something, capisce?

Seriously. If you want an icon, go to my ADD MEH post and get my attention. I post icons on here once in a while, and I may do an icon request thing next week when I have my vacation.

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List 10 of your favorite celebrities that you find attractive, then tag 5 of your friends
1. Tetsuya Komuro. Duh.
2. Heath. jndksjns.
3. Toshi.
4. Amanda Tapping.
5. Cate Blanchett.
6. Richard Dean Anderson.
7. Alexander Siddig.
8. Patrick Stewart.
9. Shirley Manson.
10. Yoshiki. (STFU)

Not tagging. Do it if you feel like it.

I wish I had more to say. -_-

Here. Have a hottie.

Ohh yeah.

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